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Realms of History is a volunteer organization whose purpose is to reproduce and re-enact
the Medieval and Renaissance European history between 1066, the Battle of Hastings; and
1651, the end of the English Civil War. This includes all of Western Europe and other areas
who had a significant contribution and presence in this period of history.

It is our goal to bring forth to our communities living history by providing an atmosphere to
live and explore the Medieval and Renaissance period, also known as the Age of Chivalry.

We recreate a society where individuals from all classes can live the simple life, or excel and
achieve the status of Knight through deeds (points).  We promote the best qualities of life
such as compassion and fellowship; where family and honor comes first.  Where
communities small and large pitched in and took care of their own.  Where a Knight's word
was his reputation and bond, and one on one combat was the mode to resolve disputes of
Honor.  Where hunting, trade and bartering were the mode for survival.

It is our hope that the Chivalry of old, carries over into the mundane world.